All Pop Up Days are finished for 2019. POP UP DAYS 2020 will be added in WINTER 2019.

Motherless Daughters Pop-Up Workshops: “A Day For Daughters” are one-day gatherings that introduce women to the philosophy and sisterhood of the motherless daughters community. We combine large-group learning sessions, small-group discussions, individual exercises, and story sharing to both explore the long-lasting effects of mother loss and learn from others who understand. 

Led by Hope Edelman, MA, author of Motherless Daughters and Motherless Mothers, each workshop is custom designed according to the attendees' histories. Separate Early Loss and Adult Loss workshops address the specific needs of these different groups. The pop-ups are an excellent introduction to the more in-depth, three-day retreats.

Please note: The age of loss requirement is slightly different for each of the workshops, so please check the requirement for the particular event. Participants must be 18 or older at the time of workshop. Because our focus is on long-term bereavement rather than on grief support, we recommend that at least six months have passed since your loss.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR ALL POP UPS: Up to 60 days prior to start date: refundable minus a 25% fee; Up to 31 days prior the start date: refundable minus a 50% cancellation fee; Within 30 days of the start date: non-refundable. Organizers reserve the right to cancel the retreat up to 30 days before start date if minimum enrollment has not been achieved. You would then receive a 100% refund of the registration fee. We suggest you purchase travel insurance when you book airline tickets to avoid flight cancellation fees.