To register for a retreat, please visit the RETREAT page and choose the date that works for you.

If none of our retreat dates are possible for your schedule, or if the retreat is already full, please click the button below to get on the list for future retreats. We’ll update you when a retreat becomes available that meets your needs.

BRING HOPE to your town!

Wishing we would host a retreat in your city? Here’s how you can become a sponsor for your town! For a one-day Pop-Up Workshop, this is what we need from you:

  • help us find a suitable, affordable meeting space (ideally, one within easy driving distance from an airport, and which provides meals on site);

  • provide us with the email addresses of 20 people who have agreed to attend;

  • work with our event coordinator to create a travel/welcome letter.

We will do additional marketing and provide you with free tuition to the workshop. We’ll need a minimum of 20 women registered for the workshop to run. Contact us via the form below to inquire about available dates!

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