We have quite a few options to suit your needs in terms of time, place, and intensity.

If you are just beginning this journey, take a look at the Pop-Up workshops: A DAY FOR DAUGHTERS. If you are ready to dive in deep, the flagship is right for you: MOTHERLESS DAUGHTERS’ RETREATS. And if you have graduated from the retreat already, we can’t wait to see you back for the alumni group: FLY IT FORWARD.

Hope customizes every retreat based on both the age of loss, as well as the registration forms of each woman. You can be certain your specific needs will be met throughout the weekend, with break-out groups and healing activities to address the themes that you ask to explore.

Note: in all of the workshop and retreat options, you can find the one that matches your loss history best. If you were under 21, you’ll want to attend an “Early Mother Loss” group. If you were in your 20’s when you lost your mother (but are any age at the present), look for “Twenty-Somethings.” And for those who were grown when their mother died, the “Adult Mother Loss” groups are for you.

If you have gone through the Fly It Forward retreat, we have a special code for you that gives you 10% off any future retreat. Good for your lifetime!